Dr Suvarna Nalapat has authored the commentary of Varahamihira's panchasidhanthika (a text written in AD 427).This is an ancient treatise which gives the oldest systems of astronomy in India,namely The Paithamahasidhantha,Vasishtasidhantha,poulisasidhantha,Romakasidhantha and Suryasidhantha,in order of antiquity.Written by Varahamihira,the court astronomer of King Vikramaditya,a contemporary of Kalidaasa.


Some of her findings/observations/discoveries in Astronomy/Archeoastronomy are:

1. Laws of Pascal, Kepler and Newton are seen in the ancient astronomical texts.

2. The theory of relativity ,which Einstein came across while studying the law of revolution of Mercury, was known to ancient astronomers of India.

3.The Mayan calendar and Indian calendar are the same and the law of motion of Venus is the same for Mayans and Indians.

4.The Tula ,a city near Mexico, and Mesha, the first point of Indian astronomers, are 180 degree apart.

5. Law of Peano (zero, number, successor) is for the Indian mathematician/astronomer/philosopher Brahma, Prakrithy and Jeeva by which the doctrine of Advaitha is expounded.

6. The interdisciplinary approach and the origin of Literature, music, astronomy from the same principles show that India has not borrowed anything from anyone but had intellectual conversations with other races of human beings in other continents and the Indians were the old world Phoenicians ,the mysterious people of antiquity who travelled widely for trade and exploration, had settlements in Egypt ,contacts with Rome,Greece,The Mayans,and Premayans,Chinese etc.

7. Romakapura is not Rome,but Americas. Kethumala is the present Chethumal and Guatemala.

8. The binaries and their laws were known to Indians from vedic/upanishadic times.

9. She proves the doctrine of Punarjanma based on Jungian psychology and astronomical synchronicity and by the logic of the light cones of Albert Einstein. It ,together with the Karma theory, is the basis of all morality and ethics of Ancient India, and is not a superstition but a scientifically well thought out doctrine of our ancestors. The great world religions of Christianity and Budhism came to existence simply because of the belief in reincarnation and the belief in astronomy, that a divine child will be born when there is a certain astronomical combination for the rise of a new star.

10. The Thovary cave of North Kerala contains evidence of the archeoastronomical knowledge of the Adivasi /phoenician tribes of Kerala.


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