1 Thamarapookkal (poems) (1957)

2 Amritha Jyothi: comparative study of religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity) and sciences 1978

3 Puzhayude Katha (novel) 1976

4 A rediscovery of India through the Panchasidhantika of Varahamihira: A translation, commentary & comparison of Panchasidhantika, the ancient astronomical treatise, with modern astronomy.(1990) Second edition is brought out by the N.B.S.Kottayam in the millennium year. 2000

5 Mudra: A literary criticism of ‘Ujjainy’ by poet O.N.V. Kurup 1996

6 A literary criticism of ‘Chakravalam’, the mystic and philosophic poetry of Nalapat Narayana Menon. 1993

7 In memory of an era: A biography and literary criticism of late Sri Nalapat Narayana Menon 1996

8 Sandranandam: Krishna Poems 1999

9 Padmasindhu: A study Based on Vakyavrithy, Soundaryalahary &chathusloki of Brahmasoothrabhashya. 1992(mathrubhoomi publishing co)

10 Souvarnam:commentary to the Bhagavath Geeta 2000(kurukshethra prakasan)

11. Madhuralayam.(the Nachiyar Thirumozhi of the 21st century)A collection of devotional songs and poems)(guruvayur devaswam)

12 Innathe amma(today's mother)childrens book on science and arts of india.Balasamskrithiprakasan.Alwaye.

13 Sudhasindhu. A commentary on 12 upanishads,DCBooks kottayam.This is an exhaustive commentary of Upanishads in the most modern context, Sudhasindhu a commentary and scientific explanation of 12 major upanishads in the light of modern astronomy &medical sciences.released on 18th May 2003 by Padmabhooshan Dr .K.J.Yesudas at Amriteswari hall AIMS .The first copy received by Purnaamrithaswamy.

Release function of Sudhasindhu

13 Without a stumble.A book on the spirituality of music-Nalapat books distributed by DC Books . A study on south Indian classical music tradition,and a very innovative scheme of music therapy.A pilot project was done in Amritha institute of medical sciences and research center

14 Paatheyam-a spiritual autobiography (DC Books December 2004.)

15.Brahmasindhu,commentary on Brahmasoothra deals with Naadabrahma and the context of Indian classical music and its relation to vedanthic tradition.(DC Books Kottayam 2006)

16.Naadalayasindhu, DC Books Kottayam 2007. An interdisciplinery study on effect of Indian classical music and its healing properties.(Raagachikitsa)

17.Naadalayasindhu, A book on Music therapy .D.Cbooks kottayam 2008

18.Raagachikitsa .A book on music therapy .Readworthy publications New Delhi(English)2008

19.Management and education in music therapy .Readworthy publications New Delhi .2008


1.Dhaarayaswethy-A few thought processes from the point of view of a 21st century woman.

2 LEELA : a comparison of ancient and modern astronomy and the philosophy of mathematics as followed in the Indian Advaitha philosophy.

3 Susruthasamhitha.the ancient surgical pathology text compared with modern pathology

4 anthropological and cultural study of serpent worship, mysteries and myths with special relation to the South Indian Tamil speaking ancients and phoenicians

5 History of Vannery and the Perumpadappu Swaroopam and the Perumals of Kerala ,as the descendents of Chandravamsa and Suryavamsa .

6 Chilampu. A commentary and historical perspective on the great Tamil epic Chilappathikaram.

7 Brihath varahisamhitha .commentary to the Samhitha of Varahamihira.

8 Yudham.a novelette

9 Kalindi.a novellette.

10 Web publishing in www.poetry .com (krishna poems).Received editor,s choice award in August 2002


1 Research on the origin of Jyothisha (science of light) and Carnatic music (the science of sound) from the same source. A comparison of these two ancient traditions of India.

2 Commentary to The Brahmasoothra.The commentary on prasthanathraya will be completed with this major work,which again is a feat never performed by any woman ,either in India or abroad.Two chapters are over.Two more remain to be commented.

3 English translation of vasishtasudha,a commentary on yogavasishta by prof .G.Balakrishnan nair.

4.At present working on the exhaustive study of the 72 melakartharaagaas ,the mathematical,astronomical,biological basis for it and its authenticity related to vedic,yogic,ayurvedic traditions of India and a comparison of it to the modern concepts of musicology of the west.


1.Madhavji award for astronomy

2.4th kalanidhi award for music therapy

3. Bharath excellance award and gold medal with citation for outstanding achievement in Value-based medical education.

4.Editor's choice award for Krishna poems from and international poetry society.

5.Prof.C,.P.Menon award for vaignaanikasaahityam for Sudhasindhu.

6. Sahityaacademy K.N.Namboothiri endowment award for vaidika sahitya 2007 to Sudhasindhu


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