Dr Suvarna Nalapat is a consultant in Histopathology .She has done research on Gastrointestinal malignancies in North Kerala, Epidemiological  study of  Leukemia , neuroendocrine  tumours  and  functional  tumours ,xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis ,malignant  melanoma  and  benign melanocytic  lesions  and  many  more.She  had been  guide  to  the postdoctoral thesis of MD (Pathology)students in Calicut university.

Her contribution to medical field include:

1. Imparting value-based education to the medical field: Her dream of an Institute of Human values in medical education and incorporation of ethics in medical curriculum is being fulfilled in the Deemed university of Amrita institute where she is one of  the senior professors.

2. WHO has defined health as  a  state  of  physical, mental, intellectual  wellbeing. Nalapat  thinks static  means  there  is stagnation and the definition should be  a  process of spiritual, intellectual, mental and hence physical wellbeing and for this  she advocates music therapy as the ancient Raagachikitsa. It  improves  the  quality  of  life  of  all  human  beings whether diseased or not.

3. As the head of Department of Blood Bank in Calicut Medical college hospitals in the early 1990s Dr Suvarna Nalapat had experimented with ZOPP  (Ziel Oriented Project Planning ) and Indian ethos of management based on the philosophy of the  Gita and achieved 100 % success.During this period she had also been the president of the Kerala Blood Donor's Forum of    the Medical College unit.

4. Another dream project of hers is the health village scheme which is holistic and yet to be fulfilled for the benefit of the entire nation.

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