Dr Nalapat is the first ever woman to do commentary on the Prasthanathraya ,the highest philosophy of India.

           SOUVARNAM-commentary on Gita is available with  Kurukshethra Prakasan and SUDHASINDHU, commentary on 12 Upanishads is available with DC Books, Kottayam. This is a treatise in which the Upanishadic thoughts are studied in the light of modern sciences and western philosophical thoughts, BudhistBardo, and in a wide background of arts,especially  music  of India(which originated from Saamaveda).It views the deepest upanishdic thoughts from the point of view of a householder(not a sanyasin)and from that of a woman and also incorporates the other knowledge systems of India like the Yoga of Pathanjali and the Bhakthisampradaya..This is very unique.

Brahmasindhu ,a commentary on Brahmasoothra deals with Naadabrahma,the relationship of musical and vedanthic traditions of India.

Padmasindhu ,a commentary to chathusloki and soundaryalahari was published in early 90's by Mathrubhoomi printing and publishing house.

AMRITHAJYOTHI,a comparative study of 4 major religions was published in 1979.

TODAY'S MOTHER is a children's book in which she speaks about the scientific and artistic heritage of India and other world nations to children.

She has a few novellettes and short stories, more than 200 research articles on varied subjects both in vernacular and English  to her credit. She gives invited lectures on varied subjects.




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