Suvarna started to write poetry at the age of 8. First poem was titled 'DEATH'. At present she writes Krishna poems .SANDRANANDAM (Nalapat Books) and MADHURALAYAM (Guruvayur Devaswam bookstall) are two of the released Krishna poetry books .The first collection 'Thamarapoockal' came out at the age of 11. She won editor's choice award for poetry from Poetry.com and International poetry society.Her poem was published in "Honesty awakened"by International poetry society.

Her works on literary criticism are

1. 'In memory of an era'.(Nalapat Books).This is a comprehensive  study of the work and life of Nalapat Narayanamenon,in an era of National upsurge in politics and literature and an era of western classicism and romanticism. It brings out the trends in western and eastern literature at that period and how  Nalapat was  instumental  in bringing out a change in the outlook of the intellectuals and literary people of kerala,.

2. 'Mudra-A Criticism of O.N.V's Ujjaini.(Nalapat Books). The personality of   Kaalidaasa,the greatest of all the Indian poets is seen in a different way by poet O.N.V.Kurup  in his Ujjain. Dr.Suvarna appreciates  the aesthetic and the philosophic views in the book and reads it in a different way,as a critic/sahridaya.

3. Criticism of Chakravaalam of Nalapat Narayana Menon-(N.B.S., KOTTAYAM).Chakravaalam (Horizon)is the philosophic poetry of Nalapat,and The great critic Maarar has given a short commentary to it.Dr .Leelavathy ,in her preface points out how the commentary of Maarar has failed because of lack of insight into the cosmic laws in which Nalapat was an adept.The poet and  the  critic  has  to  have the same mental/intellectual acumen to appreciate and criticize a work,according to her.And Dr Suvarna has done a wonderful job by probing into the cosmic secrets and bringing out the gems in Nalapat’s thoughts.



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